Predicting Talent Gaps

November 16, 2021

Now more than ever it is important to predict talent gaps through predictive workforce planning. Getting a good picture of what makes up your workforce demographic can not only assist in developing a good sound plan but also alert to possible gaps that are mission critical to the organization. Looking at competency inventories, age, tenure, job functions, and retirement risk are all important, but companies are also looking at volatility in the market and what the primary drivers are. Companies are also paying closer attention to how people are moving around in the company, i.e. promotions, demotions, transfers, and voluntary terminations. Optimizing internal talent is a key activity when looking at emerging gaps. With a shortage of talent supply it is crucial to retain and develop talent within. A company that takes proactive action instead of being reactive to preventable talent emergencies possesses a true competitive advantage. Some talent gaps are requiring companies to look several years out and develop creative programs to address lean talent supply. Jobs that take 5-10 years to achieve full efficiency require a lot of foresight and some companies are taking a much closer look at both internal and external talent pipelines to prevent vulnerability of critical operations.

Vemo Hosted Software lets you map and model. Look down from the top. Or up from the bottom. Create plans for next quarter, or the next ten years. Segment your workforce and discover your company’s most critical roles. Optimize a budget to still be able to hire and develop talent critical to run your business. Create “what-if” models based on business demand and supply trends. Forecast turnover, mobility and risk areas. Once you’ve got the perspective you need, Vemo helps you develop a plan for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Vemo’s software caters towards the largest, most complex organizations in the world, and mid-sized organizations as well

  • Vemo’s sophisticated ability to aggregate data from many HR systems provides a comprehensive view of workforce trends

  • A comprehensive library of optimal metrics for strategic HR focuses on critical roles, top talent and the relationships between available talent and business needs

  • Forecast in minutes based on supply projections; pro-forma planning based on critical needs

  • An always-balanced workforce model ensures all planning is within budgets/constraints

  • Detailed demand, supply, and location-based functions allow users to observe critical workforce trends and plan for a more effective workforce tomorrow

  • Scalable hosted solution

  • Data integration services with minimal internal resource requirements

  • Regular service upgrades continually add additional product functionality

  • Ongoing technical and data maintenance


Vemo is a leader in workforce planning and analytics subscription software and predictive analytics consulting services. Vemo differentiates itself in the market by its expertise, innovation and customer-oriented approach.

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