Vemo Predictive Analytics

November 16, 2021

1. Instant Insight – Go from thinking to knowing. Anticipate outcomes and assess the likelihood of future outcomes. View reliable attrition forecasts. Get insight instantly anywhere.

2. Crisis Avoidance – Segment your workforce and identify critical gaps early. By evaluating critical increases in future demand companies can make proactive plans now. Excessive overtime and/or spikes in contractor engagements can have catastrophic consequence on set budgets.

3. Tailored Fit – Not only can you see who is likely to leave your organization but now you can also see what the primary drivers of turnover are. Move from predictive to prescriptive analytics by honing in on areas of interest and applying the most effective actions. With Vemo what-if analysis you can see how actions would effect outcomes. This allows companies to apply the best possible strategies.

4. Leaps and Bounds – Technology is rapidly advancing and cloud technology allows a quantum capability leap for most organizations. Our simple integration and ongoing data maintenance obliterates common disruptions that might occur during transformative periods in your evolution. You can accelerate your digital transformation and enjoy a stable data platform now.

5. Smart Data – Most companies have access to good data visualizations but few have visualizations that offer explanation or tell a good data story. Vemo data visualizations are explanatory and you can further explore various dimensions of the data easily to extract even more understanding.

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Six Reasons Your Employee Attrition Model Needs a Rebuild