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Vemo provides highly effective predictive analytics, workforce planning, resource management and workforce reporting.

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Workforce planning and analytics

Companies who use Vemo

Korn Ferry
Henry Ford Health Systems

Workforce Planning

Transform your existing data to predict your future workforce.

Workforce Analytics

Share people analytics across your organization.

Resource Management

Match people skills to projects to optimize program success rates.

Account Services

Partner with our expert team to put your plan into action.

Robust and Flexible Solutions for Your Workforce

We have the robust data integration, mapping and configuration tools to transform your disparate data to better understand you current workforce and more accurately predict your future workforce.

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Everyone is looking for the magic button for Workforce Planning and Predictive Analytics. Vemo is the magic button. It's how you make strategic workforce planning happen.

— Vice President, HR, Telecommunications Company

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Six Reasons Your Employee Attrition Model Needs a Rebuild