Workforce Planning

Discover the most effective workforce planning tool

Vemo Workforce Planning provides built-in projections of demand, turnover, retirement, workforce movement and demographic diversity. It does an ideal job of identifying where and when your workforce will need to expand - and where and when it will inevitably shrink. This allows users to complete their demand planning and scenario planning objectives in a few simple steps against any timeline.

Robust workforce planning capability

We deliver the comprehensive workforce planning capability you need.

  • Unlimited scenario planning
  • Embedded predictive analytics for demand and supply
  • Top down and granular planning
  • Demand drivers
  • Approval workflow
  • Pre-built dashboards

Powerful workforce planning outcomes

We provide the configuration and flexibility to drive the business outcomes you want.

  • Actionable hiring plans
  • Manage attrition to avoid workforce reductions
  • Improved workforce diversity
  • Cost of workforce projections
  • Workforce mobility models
  • Turnover and retention driver analysis

Make successful workforce predictions.

Vemo provides your talent acquisition and management functions more lead time to hire, train and upskill a diverse workforce that will drive your business objectives.

Highly configurable.

Whether you are a medium-sized company or an international corporation, we can configure a workforce planning model to meet your needs so you can make precise predictions about your future workforce requirements.

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