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It’s not your assets that set your company apart. It’s your people. We help you make the most of your people by making the most of your people data. We combine our cloud-based workforce planning and analytics technology with outstanding customer focus to drive your success.

About Us

More than a decade of innovation.

We founded Vemo in 2005 because we knew there was a smarter way to conduct workforce planning. Today, we continue to roll out cutting-edge enhancements and offer new technology and predictive insights to our cloud-based workforce planning, workforce analytics and resource management solutions.


All-inclusive & Effective

Vemo provides the most comprehensive option on the market to fully integrate your workforce planning and analytics programs.

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Our Team

We are innovators, technologists, and data driven experts.

Our expert team helps make other teams great.

Peter Louch Peter Louch Founder & CEO
Dean Cama Dean Cama CTO
Kim Vearling Kim Vearling Vice President, Client Service
Donna Figlar Donna Figlar Director, Product Management
Chris Reece Chris Reece Director, Predictive Analytics

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