Workforce Analytics

All of your people analytics in one place

Vemo Workforce Analytics serves a broad audience at your organization by answering all of their workforce questions. We provide powerful dashboards for executives, unlimited slice-and-dice capability for analysts, and comprehensive end-user reporting. Vemo Workforce Analytics also provides comprehensive dashboards for Vemo Workforce Planning and Vemo Resource Management content.

Standard and custom dashboard content for all areas of people analytics and planning.

  • Headcount
  • Workforce Forecasts
  • Skills
  • Demographics
  • Diversity
  • Attrition
  • Turnover Driver Analysis
  • Hiring
  • Mobility
  • Talent
  • Recruiting
  • Sourcing Effectiveness
  • Candidate Diversity
  • Engagement
  • Compensation
  • Productivity
  • Workforce Planning
  • Resource Management

Your data is delivered with ease.

  • Standard and custom content
  • Embedded predictive analytics for attrition, workforce mobility and projected workforce diversity
  • Easy to use dashboards for occasional users
  • Extensive slice-and-dice for analysts

You’re in control of your data.

  • Role-based access to dashboards and functionality
  • User-based permissions to data
  • Easy-to-use configuration tools for security admins and superusers
  • Dashboard builders for client-specific needs

All the tools you need to make proactive decisions.

Our expansive library of standard analytics, infographics, and data exploration tools create tailored tools for each role in your organization. By combining historical data analysis, current state analysis and forward-looking forecasts, our solution provides immediate answers to all your workforce questions.

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