A Few Things to Consider When Selecting a Workforce Analytics Software Provider

December 7, 2018

Service and Consulting

  • The provider should offer a named account manager that is with you from day one. This will give you a single point of contact that is highly familiar with your program and also provides continuity as the program scales. The account manager should be experienced and serve as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert. A vital extension of your team to truly support success and ensure that all of your requirements are met.
  • The provider should offer several different types of training including UAT, train the trainer, super user training, and system admin training.
  • There should also be an ongoing process to clean data and produce one version of the truth that all system users can agree to.

Predictive Analytics

  • Does the solution provide accurate attrition forecasts? For example, is back testing performed on historical data to compare predictive forecasts with actuals? Does the solution reveal the top drivers of turnover at the individual level? Does the solution prompt recommendations based on analysis?
  • Comprehensive demand and supply forecasting should be available along with the ability to incorporate various demand drivers into the predicted forecast.

Workforce Planning

  • In addition to analytics the provider should also have extensive workforce planning functionality.
  • Being able to build out unlimited scenarios will be important especially if your growth typically varies based on demand driven factors.
  • The workforce planning solution should allow you to plan by FTE or Headcount based on requirements and also allow you to toggle to see labor cost.
  • The system should also support a workflow approval system so that collaboration and iterative changes can be supported.

Security and Performance

  • Does the solution support the latest single sign on technology and allow for unlimited users. It is also important to see if the provider has done any testing to see how many concurrent users can interact with the solution.
  • The system should have a role based security model that allows your organization to determine both what users see and what data they can access within the tool.
  • Also make sure that the provider has regular security audits, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans in place.

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